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Ogden, UT Specialists in Winter Snow Removal

The winters in Utah can be rough and pour down foot after foot of heavy snow, as well as slippery ice. Don’t get stuck at home or let your business lose customers due to a slick parking lot and walkways. Black's Lawn & Junk has snow-clearing experts to keep residential, commercial, and municipal clients driving and walking safely in Ogden, UT, as well as throughout Weber, Davis, and Box Elder Counties. With over a decade of expertise in handling the winter needs of our clients, you can trust us to rid your property of snow and ice so that you can avoid unnecessary risks like a fender bender or a bruised tailbone.

Winter Snow Removal Specialists in Ogden UT

We Clear Snow from All Types of Properties

Every resident and business deserves a clear parking lot, driveway, or walkway to use safely. Black’s Lawn & Junk makes sure our commitment to honest and reliable service extends to our winter snow clearing. Public and private residences, stores, and other properties all have the same dilemma when winter moves in, so we offer the same high-quality solution. Our certified team has ample experience managing the Utah winter roads and lots to ensure your daily errands, education, and work don’t get held up by dangerous or undrivable surfaces.

Residential Snow Removal

Let our team keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice so that you can drive and walk to your front door safely. We’re available to remove snow for homeowners’ associations (HOAs), apartment complexes, and more.

Commercial Snow Removal

Our snow removal extends to commercial clients with parking lots, service roads, and other foot and vehicle traffic areas. Call us if you’re a restaurant, office building, shopping center, retail store, or other business that needs the snow and ice cleared.

Municipal Snow Removal

Public, private, and municipal properties need a safe surface to drive and walk, so we make sure children and adults enjoy snow and ice-free surfaces. Our team clears snow and ice from churches, schools, and other properties.

Stay Safe in the Winter with Black's Lawn & Junk

Black's Lawn & Junk cares about your welfare when the snow and ice move in. We’re ready to keep your residential, commercial, or municipal property safe for drivers and pedestrians from the first flake through the last blast of cold air.

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