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Get Expert Advice from Black’s Lawn & Junk

Black’s Lawn & Junk is dedicated to providing the knowledge and advice you need about your lawn care and maintenance. We provide the gold standard in landscaping services, from junk removal and sprinkler installation to designing landscaping and trimming trees. We’re here to answer your questions about lawn care and maintenance. We understand the challenges you face to maintain a beautifully landscaped outdoor space, so we’ll always be here to address your most significant questions and concerns. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

When Should I Start Watering My Lawn In The Spring, And How Often Should I Water It?

It’s best to start your watering routine mid to late spring. At this time, your lawn starts to dry following the heavy rains in early spring. Your lawn should be getting up to two inches of water spring and up to three inches of water a week in the summer. If you water every other day, you should get optimal results.

Can I Mow Before Or After A Treatment?

It’s completely fine to mow before a treatment. Wait four hours after a treatment to do any lawn mowing or lawn care.

When, How, And Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Aerating your lawn creates small holes in the soil, reliving compact soil and letting rich nutrients penetrate deep into the soil. Aeration removes excess thatch, stimulates new roots, sends oxygen to the roots, and helps fight lawn diseases. You should start aerating your lawn in the spring. Always water 24 hours before aerating for the best results.

What Do I Do If Weeds Reappear On My Lawn?

Call us! We will come to spray another treatment on your lawn if weeds start to pop up.

How Long Should My Children And Pets Stay Off My Lawn After A Treatment?

It’s best to refrain from stepping on the grass until your lawn is completely dry. This usually takes about 45 minutes.

Do You Install Complete Sprinkler Systems?

Yes, we install complete sprinkler systems.

When Should I Activate My Sprinkler System?

After applying fertilizer to your lawn, you can activate your sprinkler system. It is best to activate it in April or May.

Does My Automatic Sprinkler System Use More Water?

No! You may actually save money because a properly working sprinkler system works efficiently with less water waste.

What does Your Landscaping Style Entail?

Our professionals create beautiful gardens and yards with any style using many different key design elements. We focus on the mass, lines, form, and voids of your outdoor areas.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn With A Sprinkler System?

We install an irrigation system to help beautify your lawn. Our drip systems, rotor systems, and traditional spray systems give your lawn the water it needs. We’ll help you determine when to water with each system, but the best bet is to water every other day for the best results.

What Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls provide structural support for properties that have a slope. They help to prevent erosion and provide an outlet for water runoff. We can use them for beautiful terraces and customize them with stones, pavers, or concrete blocks.

How Long Will the Tree Removal Process Take?

Tree removal is a complex process, so we follow an extensive regime. We inspect your location for telecommunication lines and electrical lines before removing your tree. An average tree can be removed in a day, while a larger tree may need a few days for full removal.

Do New Trees Need To Be Fertilized?

Yes, new trees need more nutrients than older trees. We’ll work to protect your new trees with a special fertilization process.

When Do I Have To Clear The Sidewalk Of The Snow?

It is recommended that Ogden City, UT property owners clear their sidewalk full of snow within a day after the storm.

Where Can I Put The Snow Shoveled From My Sidewalk And Driveway?

You should shovel your snow onto your own property. Never put it into the streets to make it more dangerous for snowplows and cars.

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