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Rock & Mulch Installations by Black's Lawn & Junk

Black's Lawn & Junk is a reputable lawn care provider for homes and businesses in Ogden, UT and throughout Weber, Davis, and Box Elder Counties. Rock and mulch installations are a popular service we perform to help property owners beautify their landscaping. These natural ground covers come in a wide array of wood types, rock types, and colors. They tailor your installation to complement the appearance of your garden beds and other landscape features. For more than 10 years, we’ve served Utah properties with honest and reliable lawn care, and we’re ready to help you enjoy the outdoors with an appealing landscape.

Mulch & Rock Installation in Ogden, UT

Reasons to Install Rock & Mulch

Installing rock or mulch in your landscape design is a popular method of adding beauty and protection for your soil and plant life. Black's Lawn & Junk’s team of certified workers makes sure your installation gets spread evenly and meets or exceeds your aesthetic standards. These ground covers offer many benefits for your garden beds, walkways, and other features, and we’ve described some of them below.

Benefits and Features of Ground Covers

Adds Beauty to Your Landscape

Adding mulch or rock to your landscape enhances its visual appeal. We offer a wide variety of different colors, woods, and sizes of rocks and mulch from which you can choose to complement your home or business exterior.

Helps Soil Retain Moisture

The cover that rock and mulch provide over the soil helps to hold in moisture after rain or water from your sprinkler system. This feature is beneficial during hot, dry periods when moisture is crucial for plants to survive.

Slows Weed Growth

Another benefit of rock and mulch acting as ground cover is a reduction in weed growth. The mulch and rock hinder the development and spreading of weeds in your garden beds, which means less maintenance for you on the weekends.

Reduces Soil Erosion

Thanks to rock and mulch protecting your soil from the impact of rainfall and preventing it from washing away, you can have significantly less erosion. This helps to preserve your landscape features, like garden beds.

Contact Us in Ogden, UT

Residential and commercial clients have trusted Black’s Lawn & Junk with their lawn care and landscaping for over a decade. We’re committed to honoring that trust with quality work that meets or exceeds each client’s expectations. Rock and mulch installation is another service that lets us display our expertise.

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