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Lawn Maintenance Services by Black’s Lawn & Junk

Black’s Lawn & Junk will keep your property beautiful and healthy with our comprehensive lawn care services. In Ogden, UT, we will mow your lawn, clean up yard clippings, trim the trees, and remove pesky weeds. Your yard needs weekly tending to maintain its appearance. Our professionals are ready to assist when you don’t have the time to keep up. Home and business owners trust us to care for their outdoor spaces. We can even design and install a new landscape for your property. Our skilled team can maintain and renovate any sized lawn. Contact us today for expert lawn care.

Should I Collect My Clippings or Leave Them on the Grass?

The clippings left after lawn care act as natural fertilizers for your grass. Blowing the clippings across the lawn will encourage your grass to grow greener and thicker. The clippings must be spread out across the yard. Clumps of clippings on the lawn will block the sunlight and create patches of dead grass. Our team always cleans up yard clippings after a job, so you don’t have to.

How Often and When Should I Water My Grass?

Your lawn only needs to be watered during droughts or dry seasons. Grass requires one inch of water per week to maintain fertile soil and strong roots. When you don’t get enough rain, you should water your lawn twice a week for 30 minutes or once a week for an hour. Watering your property in the morning is optimal to prevent burning by the afternoon sun. If your home experiences dry spells, we can install a sprinkler system to hydrate your grass efficiently.

How Does Lawn Maintenance Prevent Lawn Problems?

Lawn problems can look like dry patches, discolored areas, thin grass, excessive weeds, or the increased presence of critters. The best way to prevent lawn damage is to frequently mow your grass and ensure that it is receiving enough water. If you have signs of lawn problems, our professionals will determine the cause and recommend a treatment plan. Unaddressed lawn damage will spread and become more challenging to treat.

How Often Should My Grass Be Cut?

In general, your grass needs cut once a week to encourage healthy growth and prevent weeds. As time goes by between cuts, your lawn will overgrow and produce unwanted plants. Regular lawn mowing will keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful and help your lawn stay healthy. Keep in mind that every yard is unique, so our professionals will create a customized plan to care for your specific lawn needs.

Why Use Organic Fertilizers for Ground Maintenance?

Fertilizers provide the essential nutrients that grass needs. Chemical fertilizers can contaminate your groundwater, soil, and living environment. Organic fertilizers use natural ingredients that do not create a toxic environment. The natural nutrients slowly break down to keep your grass fertilized longer. Organic fertilizers will protect your family and pets from the dangerous effects of chemical fertilizers.

Why Do You Mow When My Lawn Is Wet?

Our lawn care experts strive to be timely and complete services on the scheduled dates. It is better to cut the wet grass during prime growing seasons instead of waiting. The grass can become overgrown and more challenging to manage when mowing services are missed. If we believe that the grass is too wet to be trimmed properly, we will contact you to let you know.

How Do You Know How High To Cut My Grass?

The height at which we cut your grass is determined by its health, the season, and the one-third rule. The general rule of grass cutting is never to cut more than one-third of its height. This rule prevents the lawn from being too short and overexposed to sunlight. The weather is not as hot during the spring and fall seasons, allowing your grass to be cut shorter. In the summer, we will cut your grass at a greater length so that it can retain moisture effectively.

When Should I Plant New Grass?

Depending on the type of seeds, the best time to plant fresh grass is usually during the early fall. Dry and warm soil encourages faster seed germination than wet and cold soil. Avoiding the harsh, hot temperatures of the summer season prevents the seeds from drying out before they take root. Planting new grass in the fall gives it the necessary time to establish a strong root system.

How Do I Know if There Are Grubs on My Lawn?

Grubs eat the roots of your grass. If you notice brown or yellow spots on your lawn, you may be dealing with a grub infestation. You can pull on the grass at the edge of these areas to see if white grubs live there. The grass is soft and easily pulled from the ground when grubs are present. Our professionals can help you eliminate pests with preventative lawn maintenance services.

The Best Lawn Care Service Near Me: Black’s Lawn & Junk

Business owners and residents of Ogden, UT trust our lawn care services to maintain the health and beauty of their outdoor areas. Black’s Lawn & Junk does everything from regular mowing to junk removal. You no longer need to worry about keeping up with your lawn when you choose the experts. Our professionals create the right lawn maintenance plan to benefit your greenery. We work closely with you to ensure that your lawn care needs are met and remain within your budget.

Contact Us for All Your Lawn Care Needs